Web Application Development

With our decades of experience and wealth of knowledge developing impactful, efficient, and easy-to-use corporate and customer-facing web apps, web portals, SaaS/XaaS products, and more, we help you accelerate the growth of your user base, unlock new digital channels, and improve conversion.

Our Approach

Just like we do for website development, we define the project requirements, considering every last detail to come up with a comprehensive business requirements document and outline the scope of a future web app. Following this, we provide a high-level project plan, detailing out time and budget estimates, and may produce mock-ups to assist with the understanding of the design.

We then undertake User Interface Design, Architecture Design and Design of the Application. Catering to the specific needs of your target audience, our UX and UI experts create intuitive navigation and appealing interfaces for your web software. We also develop wireframes and mockups together with architecture and design documents.

Software is developed in Agile sprints of one or two weeks with clear direction from you throughout the process. Our developers undertake unit testing every step of the way to eliminate defects. The goal is to deliver executable software with nearly every sprint, so you can begin using and testing the software, enabling the fine-tuning of the design.

Following automated testing to refine the software, it is deployed within your organisation with continuous integration, delivery and deployment to get the software into production mode as quickly as possible.

Providing various levels of ongoing support, we troubleshoot your web app and resolve any emerging issues in usage, configurations or code. Our support ensures high availability and failsafe functionality of your web app, ensuring stability of workflows and high user satisfaction.

Project Management – Agile Methodology

We use the Agile Project Management Methodology with daily stand-ups, weekly or fortnightly sprints, regular sprint reviews, etc., in accordance with industry standards. We work closely with you to set priorities weekly to thoroughly test all new releases of the app as work proceeds. This ensures a highly responsive working environment and ensures you get exactly what you want from our team week-on-week. 

Why work with us?

We don’t just deliver software, we also offer long-term support, including ongoing maintenance of the application, change requests, addition of features etc. All this is done keeping in mind the highest standards of quality, intuitive UX to prevent user errors, striking UI and a seamless integration to automate workflows, all while working within your timelines and budget constraints.

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