Legacy Software Modernisation

Legacy Software Modernisation

With widespread digitisation affecting every industry, organisations are under intense pressure to be better, faster, cheaper and safer than the competition. Companies still bound by legacy technology are being left behind as their dated infrastructure curtails development, affects the final product quality, and makes it nearly impossible to address changes throughout the development lifecycle. 


Spectron offers support throughout the app modernisation cycle, from conducting a feasibility study and devising an optimal strategy to providing consistent modernisation implementation to help you transform your IT operations and improve your business processes. 

Why does your business need a legacy system update?


Most ageing infrastructure is not just difficult to maintain but drains your resources as well.


Legacy infrastructure lacks security updates to protect your business against constantly evolving threats, leaving you vulnerable.


As regulatory auditing and controls get tough, legacy systems cannot keep up with the processes needed to avoid penalties or loss of certification.


By offering a modern and lightweight solution, you have a chance to bring innovative products to the market and outperform your competitors.

Customer/Employee Satisfaction

With sleek UI and user-centric intuitive experiences, you can improve your customer satisfaction and employee productivity, thus increasing revenue.

Our Approach

We identify and analyse the technology stack of your existing product to determine the programming language or frameworks used and whether they are still relevant and supported by the vendors. If the product is entirely dependent on outdated technologies, we would need to completely rewrite it for modernisation.

You define your feature requests, we map these to security requirements, regulations, and proposed technology platforms.

If the technology stack or parts of it are still relevant, we conduct an architecture audit to determine the system elements that are functioning well and those that need modernisation. 

Legacy software usually has an excessive codebase, which could lead to more design flaws if you introduce new features or update some parts of the system. Hence, as part of any modernisation, we review your legacy application code, assessing the quality and of the system’s source code and how it can be updated.

We then move on to a complete design review to determine which parts of the system interface need to be revamped. 

Performance testing seeks to uncover further potential issues with the legacy systems. Through this process, we highlight progress, point out and discuss roadblocks, if any, and track the required changes and improvements. A smooth rollout includes activating user accounts, the checking of software licenses, website hosting, as well as database and web service connectivity.

In order to ensure your new solution is functioning optimally, we can provide technical support, respond to reported issues and tackle your next big requirement.

Why partner with Spectron?

Building on over 10 years of expertise, we offer a sustainable modernisation program focusing on applying tools, approaches and best practices to keep legacy apps cost-efficient, relevant to current business needs and adaptable to future requirements. We don’t just consider your current needs, but also focus on opportunities for future growth by providing an unbiased and informed opinion on the software modernisation options. Our goal is to ensure you get the highest return for the budget that makes the most sense for your business.


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