With the introduction of meters, sensors, building systems and devices that measure actual behaviour and communicate and interact with other systems, IoT can be widely applied across almost all industries. It helps improve unplanned downtime and productivity and enables all connected assets to function more effectively.


However, for today’s high performing firms, the ability to leverage IoT to improve profitability, reduce downtime and increase revenue represents a challenge. As an experienced IoT systems integrator, Spectron can help you integrate solutions with business applications like SAP, SFDC etc.

Our enterprise can broadly be classified as:

  1. Consulting & Solution Development
  • Identify the use case dependent on your business requirements
  • Platform examination for end-to-end integration
  • Business solution with the right device and platforms to build a solution
  • Solution blueprint, enabling the correct analytics, mobile access, security and deployment


  1. ISV/Platform
  • Data connectors to various mediums of communication
  • Development and verification of scalability, reliability and performance of the platform
  • Enhancement of the platform to vertically-focused markets
  • Monitoring and management


  1. IoT Systems Integration
  • Build and integrate platform components
  • Build and maintain the IoT service enablement platform
  • Build domain specific solutions (SaaS)
  • Develop analytics on the usage patterns to come up with better IoT connectivity plan.


  1. OEMs/Devices
  • Re-engineering for low cost
  • Device firmware development for local processing and analytics
  • Server side/cloud platform development/integration via custom development or platform partnerships

Our area of expertise in IoT

  1. Components
  • Gateways
  • Platforms
  • Business Applications


  1. Services
  • Develop and integrate software solutions
  • Develop custom IoT service enablement platform or components
  • Engineering and testing services
  • Advisory/Consulting


  1. Key Technologies
  • Embedded software Communication
  • Cloud (PaaS & SaaS)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Analytics


  1. Solutions
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems/Geo-Fencing
  • IoT service enablement components
  • Analytics services
  • Platform components/Solution accelerator

Industrial IoT engagement

FLR Spectron is committed to delivering a customer experience that is smart, connected and secure. This would allow delivering services to make our environment and organisations smarter than they are. Below is the scope of our Industrial IoT engagement:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • PaaS
  • PLC Connectivity
  • Wireless LAN
  • Tools
  • People
  • Inventory
  • Finished Product
  • SoP/Guidelines
  • Training

AWS IoT suite

A fully managed analytics suite that enables you to transform your data into intelligent action, armed with the AWS IoT suite, a cloud-based offering with preconfigured solutions. We offer the best services for your IoT scenarios to capture and analyse untapped data that will transform your business:

IoT Core

Connect to Cloud applications.


IoT Greengrass

Extends AWS to edge devices so they can act locally on the data they generate.



Operating system for microcontrollers.


IoT Device Management

Remote device management.


IoT Analytics

Analyse massive amounts of IoT data.

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