Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

With over ten years of BI consulting experience, we can see through complicated systems and retrieve actionable insights from your raw data that can help your business make critical strategic decisions.. From data analytics consulting to financial, marketing and sales business intelligence, we have helped clients implement or revamp their BI strategy to accelerate decision-making and improve business performance.


Our Approach

Once we determine your business priorities, goals and vision, we define a BI framework based on your requirements.

We move on to examining your BI environment, taking into consideration existing processes, technology, talent, architecture etc. related to data management, and identify the gaps. The information is then verified for completeness to determine its suitability for the required KPIs that are needed to be analysed. Based on this, we recommend the right technology, data and systems.

After our assessment, we create a BI strategy and check if your existing BI architecture can be optimised. We work with you to identify critical business issues and key metrics that drive the operational and strategic decision making. Our data engineers then analyse your data using state-of-the-art data analytics software and advanced statistical methods to derive the right set of insights and metrics needed for your business decisions and create goals for each stage of the project.

We help you set-up a customised data repository to enable the integration of data from multiple sources and establish a unified and secure data warehouse.

Based on the analysis arrived at, we develop customised reporting platforms by designing interactive dashboards and intuitive visualisations that help you easily and continuously track and monitor your business performance metrics and continuously evolve your decision-making process.

Our Services

Data-Driven Business Analytics

We integrate disparate systems and streamline data into one cohesive source, turn data into actionable insights and increase productivity by gaining visibility into inefficient processes. Our solutions offer diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics that help your organisation monitor its current health and create strategies for future implementation

Advanced Visualisations & Dashboards

We specialise in creating intuitive visualisations and customised dashboards based on your goals and requirements. These are not just simplified for easy understanding but also allow swift interactions that let you segment your data to extract the required insights, thus, allowing key decision-makers to get information at a glance and offering a strategic view for executives.

BI Dashboards

We specialise in creating customised dashboards based on your goals and requirements. These are not just simplified for users with a format that's easy to use, but they also allow key decision-makers to get information at a glance and offer a strategic view for executives.

Marketing and Sales Business Intelligence

We empower your organisation with data-driven marketing to increase customer engagement, conversions, and loyalty. We help you strategise your customer analytics and create a roadmap for your business intelligence strategy We analyse your sales data to improve sales productivity and conduct a profitability analysis to check the health of your company’s sales force, as well as product/service lines. Running predictive analysis on your historical sales data helps us identify sales trends, demand signals and generate accurate sales forecasts.

Financial Business Intelligence

Our solutions don't just offer continuous visibility into a company’s financial performance but also allow for tracking of a company’s revenue, expenses and profitability.

Predictive Analysis

Through sophisticated and intuitive tools, we analyse historical data for businesses, enabling the organisation and customer to make the best use of packages, and help companies increase revenue.

Why partner with Spectron?

We have worked with several top companies and have implemented a wide range of BI and analytics solutions for them. Whether it’s your first time implementing a BI system or if you’re migrating to an entirely new system, we guide you in building a robust roadmap, a powerful architecture and a scalable data warehouse. Our expert BI consultants provide support at every stage of the implementation process. Our guiding measurement of the success of any BI strategy is its adoption by the end users of the organisation, and we strive to ensure these users are comfortable with the software.

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